Winter Sun: Summer Morning

by Sinefrage



released November 1, 2014



all rights reserved


Sinefrage Cambridge, UK

Sinefrage invented synth punk back in 2014. They were originally thought of as of Hungarian origins but research has shown that this is far from the truth. While most of the members have left, this still leaves over 100 musicians and dogs (you can often hear on some of the early recordings). They are currently looking for a label to distribute their musical notes. ... more

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Track Name: Winter Sun: Summer Morning
winter sun, summer morning
i believed you when you told your story
and you asked for mine
i turned the radio on
and stared into the yawning
I could have achieved less
if i tried harder
Here I stand.
Winter sun, summer morning
I think we had an hour for our love story
and then we parted like flowers
in the light of the sun
and after all this time
there is nothing more real
than this phantasy of mine
when i stand.
Winter sun, summer morning.
Track Name: You will find
your perfumed nihilism strikes me as a genuine vision.....a cosmic deal for earthly matters.

You will find
I will see
In the deep
We shall be.

Don't pretend
Leave your mind
In the stare
Of the blind.

Throw your mood
Into the ring
Clasp your eyes
On to the very thing.

On the edge
In the cusp
Not conscious of
The dust.

End your days
On the grass
In the sun
It's your last.

Place yourself
In the light
Within the dark
Of your life.
Track Name: Musical cryogenics
dreaming of me, dreaming of you
there is little else for me to do.
I hear your whispers, feel your touch.
I will never wake and never look.
The blindfold tightens. It is dark.
I love my wife, of course.
But there is not pain here and no tears.
There are no months or years.
Born in history and die in time.
It's better to dream than to sigh.